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Facilitating Asia’s infrastructure development

Listen to insights from a co-hosted event with Export Credit Agency UK Export Finance (UKEF) on Standard Chartered and UKEF’s flexible, innovative and competitive financing solutions for infrastructure projects across Asia.

Standard Chartered: Finalisation: LIBOR Cessation Timelines & the ISDA Spread Adjustment (Apr 2021)

Listen to our latest update on recent market developments, including the results of the IBA consultation on LIBOR cessation dates, as well as an update on the finalisation of the ISDA Credit Adjustment Spread.

The event and the related information shared with you are provided for general information only. Whilst Standard Chartered Bank (“SCB”) endeavours to ensure the information shared in the event is current, SCB cannot guarantee its accuracy in this rapidly evolving environment. In addition, SCB does not represent that the risks highlighted in the event and in the related material are complete. None of the information provided in the event and the related material should be taken as constituting financial, investment, accounting, legal, regulatory, tax or other advice or as a recommendation, an invitation or inducement to enter into, amend, or alter, any financial contracts or investment activities. For further information about the transition away from LIBOR and other relevant IBORs, please visit

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